The OA Team

Mark Chen – Owner

I grew up in central Florida, my very first fish tank was a gift at the age of 7, a fresh water community tank. The first fish I killed was when I thought they were slimy and washed them all with soap. LOL, learned fast that is not what they needed. Starting at that point I never went very long without a fish tank. I have bred numerous types of fish, from bettas to Tanganyikan cichlids to wild discus. My part time job during my years at University of Florida was at Aquatropics of Gainesville, FL.

I don’t claim to be an expert by any means but feel pretty confident that learning through the years has instilled in me extensive knowledge in most freshwater and saltwater fish. I am also an avid reef tank hobbyist and really love LPS and ultra clams. I decided to open Ocala Aquariums and Discus Origins because I felt there was not an establishment close by that carried the kind of quality stock, rare and hard to find fish/corals that collectors like myself would like to see. Hopefully we will continue to have satisfied customers and we strive to meet our customers’ expectations