Discus Origins

What started off as a hobby grew into a fish room in my house with over 20 tanks. A couple kids later and I lost my fish room and it was onto a warehouse space with room for more exotic and rare species. Discus Origins started off as a supplier of high quality wild discus and we have imported from the likes of WBSabby, H&K, and Santarem Discus for our stock. Wild discus season only lasts from August to March, so I decided to also start importing fish that I have always wanted but no one had in stock. Rare L# plecos, corydoras, and South American cichlids are my other focus and we have found some quality and reliable sources from Brazil, Colombia, and Peru to fill these needs. Discus Origins is part of a store front located in Ocala, Florida. Ocala Aquariums is features 2500 sq ft of show room space. We also have an extensive collection of rare corals and beautiful saltwater fish. If you are close enough to drive up for a visit please come by and check it out for yourself!

Please contact us for current availability and  pricing.